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      How to Unscrew Rusty Bolts and Nuts?

      Feb. 18, 2020

      Bolts and nuts are also Railway Fastening common in our daily life, but rust is also a common problem phenomenon of bolts and nuts, and being able to easily unscrew rusted bolts and nuts is the method we most want to know. Here, Rail Spike Manufacturer will share with you about the rust of bolts and nuts, no matter how serious the rust, teach you a good way to easily unscrew it.

      Square Bolt

      Method one: beat to help loosen the rusted bolts and nuts

      In the process of using bolts and nuts, if the rust is not very serious, and it is a larger bolt and nut, we can use a tap to loosen the bolt and nut. The rusted bolt seems to be very strong, but only some rust is used to fix it. Sometimes this method works. One hand holds the wrench to fix the bolt, and the other hand holds the hammer to hit the tail of the wrench. You can strike with a small amount of force first. If you still can't twist it, increase the strength appropriately. Be careful if you don't have experience. If you don't have experience, hit it slowly to avoid getting it.

      Tap a few times in this way, use a wrench to twist and twist, if it is loose, you can screw it down, not only to maintain the integrity of the bolt, but also fast.

      Method two: carbonated drinks remove rust stains and easily unscrew bolts and nuts

      By spraying carbonated beverages, carbonated beverages contain carbonic acid. Carbonic acid can react with iron oxide in rust. During the reaction, rust gradually disappears or is softened, and natural bolts and nuts will not be rusted.This method may Slower, you can prepare a watering can for non-stop spraying, and use a wrench to gently pull back and forth to try to loosen.

      After a few minutes, it is basically enough. If the rust is serious, it will take a longer time. After unscrewing, remember to use carbonated water for fresh drinks or replace the bolts. Otherwise, it will easily continue to rust.

      Method three: alcohol + white vinegar + detergent

      Add an appropriate amount of water to the bottle, then pour into two bottles of alcohol, two bottles of white vinegar, and two bottles of dishwashing liquid, shake well. Put some on the bolts, let them stand for a few minutes, and then twist them gently with a wrench, the rusty bolts can be loosened immediately, and the bolts can be removed easily.

      This method is similar to carbonated beverages, in fact, it plays a role in reacting with iron oxide. You can mix the three and put them in a watering can to spray directly. The speed is similar to using carbonated beverages, and the method is the same. These loosening methods for rusted Square Bolt nuts must be remembered.